Blabbermouth, 2019:
(Dom Lawson)
”Alpha And The Omega” leaves no violent stone unturned in its quest to make you bang your head. Admirable, really. Cult status be damned: this is a killer extreme metal record, executed with imperious flair by unsung masters of the craft. (Read full review)

Metal Hammer, 2020:
Konkhra’s sound was always about the body-buckling chords and guttural ejaculations of frontman Anders Lundemark. He’s still instantly recognisable on 2019’s The Alpha And The Omega, Konkhra’s first album in a decade. (Read full review)

Dead Rhetoric, 2019:
‘Konkhra are back and offer a much groovier take on death metal than many of their now current peers. Those who want their metal to be a bit chunkier are really going to enjoy this one from start to finish. “Alpha and the Omega” is a strong return that sets them up for a new generation to enjoy. (Read full review)

Battlehelm, 2019:
‘A tremendous comeback by all accounts, bringing (back) the excitement and hunger of the 90s to the now with style and savagery. Konkhra is the name, as pronounced by Tom Angelripper, and don’t you forget it!’ (Read full review)

Totentanz-Magazin, 2019:
“Alpha And The Omega” doesn’t run dead after the twentieth round and is a really strong comeback! KONKHRA are and remain very fucking metal !!! (Read full review)

No Clean Singing, 2019:
‘It will do a fine job jackhammering your skull into bleeding fragments and then make mincemeat of whatever’s left. The track is also home to warped, slithering and shrieking guitar solos, and other demented guitar accents, which add to the track’s feeling of murderous yet ecstatic derangement. It’s an electrifying romp that hits with powerhouse force.’ – The single “Babylon” from “Alpha and the Omega”. (Read full review)

Deadly Storm Zine, 2019:
“Alpha and the Omega” feels like just detonated hydrogen bomb. It´s heavy, unbelievably pressurized and has a big chunk of darkness. I have to admit that I was not expecting that and the reward is this record which makes my bones crush. Death groovy metal with high octane number! Excellent! (Read full review)

Source Webzine, 2019:
“Alpha and the Omega” is so much more than another tribute to the old school: herein lies real thrash metal and some of the best infernal metal anthems you will hear this year!’ (Read full review)