22. Jul. 2015
New official KONKHRA t-shirt (limited stock - size L/XL).

Buy it: eBay.com

19. Jul. 2015

Update on the 500.000$ 'theft' - KONKHRA VS CHRISTIAN SECT (Please share this video).

18. Jul. 2015
Apparently KONKHRA have stolen 500.000$ from this american christian minister, Michael Hur. And better: "...spent it all on whores, drugs, speakers and studio time and bull crap and more bull crap". This is EPIC !!

21. Jun. 2015
The 'Hi-Fi Stage' at Copenhell Festival 2015 invited KONKHRA to talk about musical inspiration and how they work with their music.

12. Jun. 2015
KONKHRA are deeply honored to announce their support for ACCEPT and VOLBEAT !
Show: Saturday 1st. August 2015.

Tusindårsskoven, Odense/Denmark

KONKHRA will be opening Copenhell Metal Festival.
Show: Thursday 18th. June 2015.

Copenhell 2015

KONKHRA are returning to South Africa at Witchfest '16 Metal Festival.
Show: Friday 25th. March 2016.
(Get ticket)

Witchfest 2016
Johannesburg/South Africa

14. Nov. 2014
KONKHRA signs international management deal with New York's

Extreme Management Group

11. Sept. 2014
Having worked for the songs for upcoming release "Alpha and the Omega",
for a couple of years, the band is now ready for action.

Check out this teaser:

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